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  Management of Stocks of Articles and Services

...the specific management of the Laboratorial inventory

Inlab-lims® stock is the solution for inventory management and purchasing, with control of movements, levels and validities, and supplier evaluation. includes security management and individual protection.

Barcode labelling
Stocks, control minimum and maximum levels
Location and traceability
Management of batches per item
Quantity and validity control
Identification and classification
Monitoring and execution status.
Movements: Inputs and Outputs
Manual operation and/or barcode
Automatic control of output validations
Automatic alerts on levels and validity
Suppliers: Management and Evaluation
Suppliers and costs per item and service
Identification of approved and preferred products
Configurable evaluation: criteria and classification
Purchasing Processes
Direct enquiries or via the purchasing department
Requests, including validation.
Security Information
Archive of Safety and Technical Sheets
GHS Harmonized Classifications
Personal Protection Equipment (EPI/PPE)
Stocks, consumption, supplier evaluation
Research and export.


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