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Laboratory Management for Pathological Anatomy

... facilitates and expedites the diagnosis of the Pathologist.

Inlab-lims® pat is the specialized, patient-centered solution that allows the Pathologist to manage medical diagnostic procedures, from the registration of requisitions to the issuance of the examination report.

Patients and Pathologists
Requisites: institutions, services and doctors
Subsystems, conventions, rates and prices.
Requisitions: Entry and Consultation
Automatic coding by exam type
Viewing Patient History
art / Product Classification biol. for examination
Emission of labeling.
Traceability, validation and release management
Models with pre-filled contents
SNOMED international classification
Models for Cytology: Bethesda classification.
Execution times: information and export
Execution objectives by type of exam
Compliance status and exams not completed...
List, export and search for exams, by: type, part, clinical data, requisites, pathologist, classification SNOMED...
Patients, requesting institutions and ACSS
Fee bill management
Current management by institution
Certified for issue SAF-T(PT).
Data entered, modified and removed, with automatic user registration, date / time and values.
HL7 protocol for clinical and hospital environment
SONHO system
Interbank system SIBS
Web service
Laboratory systems.


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