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   Interface for posting online results

...query through a simple and intuitive interface

Inlab-lims® online was designed to integrate access to laboratory results with the global information system, the Internet, in a practical and safe way anywhere, with the simple use of a Browser.

Inlab-lims® online enables the Laboratory with an inlablims® System, or another LIMS third, to publish and make the results available to its Clients online through a Web interface.

On the other hand, Clients and users have remote and authenticated access to the results, for consultation through a simple and intuitive interface, in real time and in a controlled way according to the rules defined by the Laboratory.

Main features inlablims® module online:
Access restricted and authenticated by Client or user
Dedicated and intuitive Web interface
Real-time monitoring of results, after review and laboratory approval
Search results by date range, harvest location, matrix, states, parameters or any combination of the items referred to above, for greater efficiency in the access of useful information by the Client
Possibility of exporting results and searches in MS Excel format, for greater flexibility in making results available and transferring information to the Client


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