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 Gestão e Integração de informação Laboratorial

... the solution for current document management

Inlab-lims® doc is the solution for current document management, with integrated and certified billing module. It is a fundamental complement for micro and small companies in the management of customers and suppliers and streamlines the relationship with responsible for the accounting services of those entities. It also allows the evaluation of suppliers.

Certified for issue
Issuance of invoices and receipts
Simplified invoices
Credit notes and Debit notes
Current account management
Document control
General treasury
Tax authority
Social Security
General management
Transport Guides
Issue and management
Direct communication with the Tax Authority
Current management
Individual user access with authentication
Profiles and access levels with permission
Items and services
Customers and suppliers
Scanned documents
Cashier sheets
Monthly payroll management
Controll of cash flow
Spending statements
Billing maps
Maps of control of sending documents to accounting


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